Member-at-Large Duties

      Description of the Duties

Memberat-Large are appointed by the President of the Board for the period of one year.  At the end of
the year, they are given the opportunity to volunteer for another year.

The main responsibilities of an Executive Board Member-at-Large is to

  • attend monthly meetings on a regular basis,
  • to participate in the discussion of issues and business of the board, 
  • and to vote on those items when called upon to do so.

Members-at-Large may be called upon to

  • sit on temporary or long-range committees
  • help at book sales or in the book store
  • sort books in the sorting room
  • volunteer at other fundraising events
  • represent the Friends at programs sponsored bt the Friends
  • volunteer at membership drives
  • help in the mailing of the library newletter
  • assist in the preparation of other mailings.